Wednesday, 19 September 2012

East Port of Spain Photos

I went to the Port of Spain General Hospital today. It's on my list of buildings that I want to paint. On the bus drive to the hospital, I also saw some other buildings/landmarks of interest that I just had to photograph to remember as potential reference material for future paintings. The others, like the Salvation Army building or that bar on the corner of Henry and Duke, I did not pull my camera out in time for or the bus drove away too quickly for me to capture. 

Port-of Spain is such a treasure trove of different architectural styles. In the coming year I would like to try some urban cityscapes.

 Here are some photos from my journey this morning of East POS.
Drive into Port of Spain
Driving into Port of Spain. The ideal shot for me would have been angled a bit more east so that  the towers would be more in focus and the Northern Range more visible. 

Port of Spain

Port of Spain

Port of Spain

Port of Spain
Did not mean to capture the garbage! But look at the mother holding her daughter's hand as she walks her to school.

Port of Spain
Van that drove into my picture! grrr!

Port of Spain, Piccadily Street
Corner of Piccadily Street. Not the view I wanted again but I did not pull out my camera in time, but this is a historical corner. I think you definitely will be seeing this or something similar in the future from me
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