Friday, 5 October 2012

Trini-Inspired Christmas Cards!

Each year, when Christmas rolls around we visit Hallmark and buy cards depicting a "white snow-filled Christmas" decorated with mistletoe and holly and other symbols that simply have no meaning to most of us living on a Caribbean island. For a country that only only has two seasons, dry and rainy, what do we really know about winter and white Christmases? We are no longer under colonial rule, yet we buy cards that reflect a culture and environment that is so drastically different from our own. At the same time, we really do not have much alternatives or options. There is always the hand-crafted greeting card made of recycled/indigenous products. But what about high quality greeting cards that actually depict what Christmas really means in a tropical climate with a rich heritage?

This year, a colleague of mine from high school, Sayada Ramdial recognised the need for more local products (especially in the greeting card industry) and decided to do something about it.

As you can see in the ad below, she came up with four unique designs.

Trinidad Christmas Cards, Local Cards
For full designs see the Facebook page- Designed For a Smile
What I love about them is that they truly capture the essence of a Trini-Christmas. Her designs so far: a little boy in a classically Trini-rural environment playing with a sleigh (cardboard box) being pulled by a "reindeer" (goat), the grand Christmas feast- ham, sorrel and fruit cake, Parang/ Spanish Christmas carols and a lovely wreath made up of flora only found in the Caribbean.

Her designs are all so creative and inspire such nostalgic feelings. I think her talent as an illustrator truly shines in her creations. She not only shows that she can think outside of the box with her designs but they are also of such high quality and extremely beautiful!

As you can see from the ad, you're only getting a sneak peak of all the designs ;) If you would like to see the full designs as mentioned before, check out her greeting card page- Designed for a Smile. You can contact her there for more information about where you can purchase your own Trini-Christmas Card.

Also you can check out more of her talented work on her website, Tumblr and Facebook page. (I feel like a stalker now lol)

Please support her work! It's such a great venture and an amazing step in the right direction to help us as a Caribbean island, establish our own identity :)

Trinidad Christmas Cards 2012
Designed for a Smile Greeting Cards
Be proud! Go local! :D

Update: Sayada got her cards back from the printers and they look beautiful!

You can purchase them so far at 2 local events:

1. The Ultimate Epicurean and Boutique Market on Saturday 27th October, 2012 at Crowne Plaza, POS

2. Bits and Pieces 2012 on Saturday 3rd November, 2012 at Movie Towne, POS

Single cards- $18 TT
Sets of 4- $65 TT
Sets of 10- $150 TT
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