Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mt Hope Sketches #1

Recall my post about the photographs of Mt Hope? Well here is a sample of what I did with those photographs. I'll write more about this current project later on but I thought I should update my blog on what I've been doing recently.

This is the first of the Mt Hope sketches that progressed into painting form. It should have been completed last week but as I have an exam on the upcoming Friday, I put a pause on all my artsy endeavours to study.

I hope to do a few more paintings based on the other sketches of Mt Hope that I did. Thoughts and views? Should I post the other sketches?

Ref Image: Mt Hope has definitely gotten its walls
power-washed since then. 

Trying out my Inktense Pencils on the pencil sketch

Painting of Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex
Usually I finish painting the entire thing first, then Ink over but I was a bit excited to finish it. Also I needed some new ref pics of the lower portion of the building. I had a feeling my prelim sketches weren't as accurate as they should be.

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