Saturday, 27 October 2012

Blood Donation: Silly Reasons People Give

I'm helping out with a Blood Drive in school. I don't want to sell out what the following illustration is going to be used in until the project is done but I thought I should update my Blog on some current art projects I've been working on with some amazing people. Part of the project involves illustrating some of the silly reasons/excuses people give as to why they don't donate.

Of course for the purposes of this blog post, I added the extra phrases to make it more poster-like so it would have a dual purpose. There is a dire need for regular voluntary blood donation. So go out and donate! You may not have real super powers but your blood can save a life ;)

Silly excuses people give as to why they don't give blood.

First coat of watercolours. A lot of layers went
down after to get the above result!
More about the process:

I did a pencil outline in my sketch pad after thinking of some silly reasons. I was inspired by HBO's True Blood series about vampires and how some drank blood from blood bags stolen from a hospital.

For the text, I wanted the look of dripping blood that's close to being congealed :D I used watercolours and white gouache paint. I should have done the entire thing in gouache or acrylics. I think I had to work a little harder on the finish by using watercolours to get a nice solid opaque colour and because I was trying to illustrate blood and wanted a bit of gloss, the watercolour proved to be a little difficult.

I am not 100% happy with the lips. I wanted to do more black ink detailing on the lips but was not sure if to proceed, because I also wanted a bright dramatic red lip. Also maybe I should have done the mouth bigger? I'm not sure. Thoughts?

Working on this I realised that its been a while since I have attempted to do lips (if I ever attempted at all).  I think I need to brush up on my figure drawing, and facial features. I definitely think some practise is in order!

Anyway, I'm still thinking up some other reasons people don't give blood and how to illustrate them. What do you think I should do next?
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