Sunday, 14 October 2012

Chess Parallels: Sketchbook

A conversation with a good friend led to this. I believe she posed the question, "Which move to make?" Of course she was referring to the dilemmas faced in life at the time but the question reminded me of playing Chess with my brother. A match against him required brain power and concentration, and I always had to consider all my options carefully. I replied to her with a resounding, "Checkmate!" to which her reply was that she didn't even know that she was originally in check. I was so consumed by it, because it was an echo of similar emotions I was experiencing at the time myself. I immediately picked up my Mokeskine and started sketching.

Solo chess piece on a chess board but only the possible moves of the piece visible

Forgive my little annotations. I write rather dis-jointedly when I'm sketching sometimes.  It's like talking to myself but recording the convo so I don't forget (lol) I sound so crazy!

I saw the work of Gabriella D'Abreau at her exhibition a few weeks ago. Her piece called "Street Hecklers" (I believe) was the first I saw of shadowy menacing figures in the background in watercolours that was done so amazingly! It really stood out to me not only for her technique but for the story of the piece itself and what it represented. I always thought it would be too difficult to do in watercolours so I was thinking that with a digital rendition, I might have gotten a better result much easier. However after seeing her work, that idea has been thrown out! I want to experiment with W/C on this. 
Then there is the Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland approach. When I get some time, I hope to revisit these.

My friend actually did sketches as well of her interpretation of the conversation and the chess-theme itself. She came up with something totally distinct from what I was thinking of. Like this concept but with human characters (chess piece personified). Kinda like Harry Potter's Wizard Chess.

It is so amazing to me how the mind works and how one idea/phrase if posed to a group, can be interpreted so differently by each individual. I really can't wait to see her sketches :)

My question to you, what concepts can you come up with based on the chess theme that parallels to life?

Let's make it an experiment/ challenge for those so inclined to draw/sketch as well. A....
Chess-Themed Challenge!
I'm curious to see how different people interpret the same theme. Link me to your sketches of your interpretations of it :) I would love to see how your mind works :D
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