Saturday, 23 February 2013

Trip to the Zoo #1: New Lions

I went to the zoo today! Why am I excited even though I am no longer 5 years old like the kiddies that filled the many large maxi taxis today? Because the zoo is awesome! Need I say more? NO!

In case you are from Trinidad and missed this, or from another country, the Emperor Valley Zoo has three new additions: African Lions!

The three brother lions that have found their home in T&T are about 2 1/2 years old and are named after the lions from the Lion King.

Mufasa, Scar and Kovu

They are part of the zoo's initiative to add more animals to the zoo, and in the future when the zoo adds three more female lions, they would be part of a regional breeding programme to supply the Caribbean and Southern Hemisphere with lions.

The following playlist is comprised of some clips about the new lions.

So which one is which?

They do look very similar

I didn't take a photo of Scar's info, but his distinguishing feature was the scar above his left eye as well as one on the centre of his forehead.

These of course are not the first set of lions at the Emperor Valley Zoo. Special mention must be made to Simba.

Simba is the zoo's other lion who is 16 years old. (Remember when Lion King now came out? Fun fact- 1994!! :O! No wonder my bf was surprised at the little children who knew of the movie. I was their age when that movie was released!! I did not know that movie was so old! Not that I am really getting on with the age. lol! )

Anyway, Simba is currently housed in a separate enclosure next to the newbies.

Simba was born and bred at the Emperor Valley Zoo and in the past lived with a pride of lions in the enclosure that now acted as a quarantine for the three new lions.

We found Simba napping peacefully in the shade away from the heat of the midday sun.

Simba wakes up!

Then nestles down in a comfy spot and stares reflectively into the distance as he ponders life's mysteries. 

Sleepy time

What majestic creatures!

And very large!

Here is some video footage of what I recorded of the lions today:

Trying out the lion life :D After watching those lovely lions I decided I had to try it out myself. :D

For more info about the Emperor Valley Zoo and their animals, check out the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago's website. The ZSTT is the organization that oversees the Zoo and manages it and all its policies.
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