Sunday, 24 February 2013

Trip to the Zoo #2: Reptiles #2 (Iguana)

This cool dude is a Rhinoceros Iguana. Here he is chomping down on some veggies and then scampering off to join his friend in the shade.

From the ZSTT website,
The species, also called the Mona Iguana, can be found in Hispaniola and Mona Island near Puerto Rico. It inhabits semi-deciduous and dry to subtropical, moist forests, scrub woodlands and dry, rocky forests in coastal areas. 
Rhinoceros iguanas are named after their several enlarged horn-like scales on its snout. These scales resemble the horns of a rhinoceros. This species can reach a length of 60 to 136 cm. Their skin color can range from grey to dark green and brown. 
Females dig burrows when they are about to lay eggs. An average clutch of eggs can range from 5 to 20 eggs. Hatchlings are approximately 18 cm in length. 
Rhinoceros iguanas feed mainly on flowers and fruit but can also consume insects and eggs.

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