Monday, 4 February 2013

More Mini-envelopes!

This weekend I had my biggest order yet! 20 of my mini-envelopes! I don't think I quite understood how much time it took me to make them until I had a deadline (a self imposed one but one none-the less) and 10 more than I normally make at a time.

20 new Valentine's Day themed mini-envelopes
You can see the rest I made in my previous post called 
Valentines Day Crafts- Mini-envelopes

I am sure I could have saved time by sticking sequins instead of stitching each one by hand but I wanted to make sure that my creations were of a high quality and were very durable. Must keep the standards up!

It was a great experience working with a deadline. I'll be making about 15 more to fill up some other orders for some good friends and then I'll be closing up shop. No more new orders because I am going on vacation :D

But if you would still like to purchase some, they will be selling at Roses & More! A gift shop at Atlantic Plaza, Pt Lisas. They have all your Valentine's Day needs there and they do beautiful flower arrangements and deliver. Call them today at 679-4563! (and request one of my envelopes ;) )

I've never sold any of my work before and it certainly put a few things in perspective for me :) The biggest one is that I really enjoy making things for the people I love and you really can't put a price on those things. You don't really realize the amount of work that goes into making them because it really does not matter when its for someone you care about.

Thank you everyone for your support! For purchasing them, sharing them about, liking them and letting me know how you feel about them so I can improve. It really meant a lot to me. I took all your suggestions to heart. For those who purchased, I hope my envelopes help make your valentine's day an amazing one :) They really were stitched with love ;)
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