Monday, 22 October 2012

Tropical Flowers (Clay Plates)

Bird Of Paradise, Anthurium, Heliconia, Hibiscus with Humming Bird
From L to R: Bird of Paradise (2010), Anthurium (2010), Heliconia (2010), Hibiscus & Humming Bird (2010); Acrylic on Clay Plate, 7.5" 

Dancing Lady Orchid, Amaryllis
From L to R: Orchid (Dancing Lady 2010), Amaryllis (2010); Acrylic on Clay Plate, 5"

Clay Plate Paintings I did for my mom one year. She is such a genius at interior design and landscaping. She put them up in a wooden bookshelf she designed to mimic a plantation house. 

Plantation House Bookshelf
Bookshelf/ Clay Plate Stand

My Mom also loves tropical flowers and grows them so she can make fresh floral arrangements for home.  It is one of the things I miss from home when I am at school during the semester. I used her garden and various floral arrangements for reference material.

Tropical Floral Arrangement
One of the Floral Arrangements that she did for Eid this year. Isn't she amazing?

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