Sunday, 2 September 2012

Women in Art- Upcoming Art Exhibition

Source: Trinidad Guardian (August 26, 2012)
As I browsed last week Sunday's Trinidad Guardian, I came across this article in the Womanwise section, ""Golden Jubilee Expressions” WOMEN in ART ORGANISATION OF TRINIDAD & TOBAGO". 

I was pleased to read that the Women In Art Organization will be hosting their annual art exhibition from Tuesday 4th September to Saturday 22nd September, 2012. Just in time for all the independence celebrations!

If you don't know about Women in Art, the organization was founded in 1996 by artist Fraulein Rudder, with one of its main aims being to help with the promotion and appreciation of art. Another being to help women explore and develop their art techniques. The organisation does this through its annual art exhibitions and its various workshops, seminars and field trips which they host throughout the year.

Top 5 Reason Why I Think They Are Great

1. Their website, ( I think is a real treat. It not only contains information about some of the members with samples of their work, it is also very current. Something you rarely see in a Trinidadian art website. I love that you can get information about their recent endeavors, like this year's exhibit.

15th Annual Art Exhibition

2. Their Facebook page: ( If you don't think that their website is current enough for your tastes, you can like their Facebook page , to be kept abreast of their latest events. Since creating the page, they seem to update it regularly and include pictures of their past events which brings me to...

3. Their Exhibitions: Now due to time constraints, I have unfortunately never had the opportunity to attend one in person, but I have always heard great reviews about them. If these pictures on their Facebook page from their 2011 Exhibition are anything like what we can expect for 2012, I definitely do not want to miss this one! Furthermore any organisation that hosts exhibitions so that artists can get exposure in T&T has my support.

4. Art competitions: I remember when I was High school, competing in one of their Biennial Art Competitions for 5th and 6th form art students. My good friend Jolene won the Graphic Design Category in that year :D Another nod of support to WIA for making an effort to encourage the youth to develop their skills. 

5. Their Book, Women in Art 2000: In 2000, WIA launched their first book, featuring some of the women artists of the organization, with a bio-profile about the artist and a photo of one of their artworks. A sample of the book is on their website. Why I really think this is great, is because it showcases the artists and its such a nice way to make their work known to the public. I also like it because I wanted to do a similar project at Mt Hope to showcase the artists who are members of The Art Society of Mt Hope. Before I graduate I hope to see that happen because the Faculty of Medical Sciences is teeming with talented individuals who would not get that exposure otherwise.

Update: Due to time constrains I was not able to attend the exhibition BUT thankfully I was able to see the pictures of the artwork on their Facebook page. Art is best appreciated in person but this was a much welcomed alternative.

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