Friday, 31 August 2012

Happy Independence Day T&T!

Independence logo of T&T: Steel pan, Chaconia, Scarlet Ibis and map of T&T for 50th Logo
Independence Logo, Digital Art. © 2012 Shazanna Khan.
The day is finally here! Trinidad and Tobago is finally 50! Happy Independence Day everyone! 

Here's a little sketch of something that I was considering to expand on to submit for the 50th Anniversary Logo competition some time ago.

Graphic representation of the Steel Pan (National Instrument), Scarlet Ibis (One of the National Birds), Chaconia (National Flower) and sweet T&T. 

According to Kaiso/Calypsonian Brother Valentino in his 1986 song ("De Roaring 70's") "Trini have a funny way of forgetting/ Their history to them like it doh mean nothing."

I think that we have come a long way from then, but in order to move forward as a nation it is important that we remember our past so that we do not make the same mistakes again.

Be safe everyone and have a great day today with all the celebrations :)

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