Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New Google Doodle!

As you know Google has been churning out fun and entertaining "Doodles" on its homepage for some time, and as the London 2012 Olympics continues on, they have certainly kept up tradition of having a new doodle everyday of the Olympics.

Just this week, Google hosted a competition, looking for new "Olympic-themed" doodles from around the world and I am excited to announce that MY Trinbagonian-inspired doodle got selected!!! :D

We're making history in 2012!

Here's a look at my (and now Google's new homepage) doodle:

Click Me to go to the Homepage!

Special mention to my brother for all his help in creating this! :D Stay tuned for more about my Trini Google Doodle!

Like and share if you're as excited about this as me!

EDIT: There really was no competition :(  But I did make this Trini-inspired Google doodle. Hope you guys had some laughs :)

You can still share if you want to surprise a friend, and remember to tweet #I4TANDT to support our future olympic national athletes.
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