Monday, 27 August 2012

Art Supply Haul (Things I Love #2)

I finally purchased some new Art supplies! I made a much needed trip to Fine Arts in San Fernando on Friday and Superpharm, in Price Plaza a few days before.

Art Supply Haul
My new supplies: 1. Acrylic Paper; 2. Watercolour Paper; 3. Pre-cut Matting; 4.  Dewert Inktense Pencils; 5. W&N Cotman Round Brush #2; 6. Black Ink Pen; 7. Palette; 8. Gold Acrylic Paint; 9. Liquid Glue; 10. Spray Adhesive Glue.

I got 2 sheets each of Acrylic and Watercolour paper, to replace the ones I used in recent paintings. I always like to have a few sheets handy, so I would not have to run to the store whenever I catch a whim to draw or paint or more importantly have time to do it. Acrylic paper is more textured and thicker than the watercolour paper and I love how coloured pencils or watercolour pencils look on it.

Fine Arts also has a big selection of pre-cut matting and frames for anyone who wants to make their photos/paintings look extra-professional without the professional price tag. I think I am going to use mine to do either a study of native flowers in watercolour or a landscape of some sort.

I originally went into Fine Arts to purchase Watercolour Pencils, but these Dewert Inktense Pencils caught my eye instead. They are watersoluble ink pencils and according to the packaging they are supposed to combine the intensity of pen and ink with the versatility of line and wash. You can wash them over with water for an ink-like effect and when its dry, the wash is permanent so you can continue work over it with different media. I really wanted a set with more colours, but this was all Fine Arts had and I was really excited to try them out.

I bought also a new brush to replace one of my old ones, black ink pen for my pen & ink endeavors, and a new palette for watercolours as most of my existing palettes were covered with acrylic paint. The gold acrylic paint and the glue were for my scrap-booking needs, but I would like to try a mix media piece with some sort of découpage or textured paper.
Blue-Grey Forest

I am pleased to say that my purchases came in handy today. I was able to supply my brother with materials for his abstract painting to decorate his new room. I worked on a new piece (pictures to come soon) while he did his, based on the colour scheme he picked- blue-grey, grey, brown and black. I am impressed. He did quite a good job on it.

My Father's House
Additionally, I finished the piece that I was working on, which you can see in previous blog posts, entitled, "My Father's House." Picture of the finished piece to follow soon.

Sometimes I wished I owned an art store just for the infinite amount of supplies that they have. I cannot wait to have my own home so I can have a room dedicated to being my work and storage space. Until then, a girl can dream :D

As you can see, I cannot do without some good quality paper to paint on. In my opinion it really makes a difference in the finish of a piece. So that brings me to this question, "What is/are your favourite art supply/supplies that you cannot do without?" Also how do you use it? This question also applies to your own special talent (e.g. writing, football, etc)

Thank you for reading. :)

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