Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My Father's House (Update #3)

Made some time on the Eid holiday to work on this piece. Almost done! It is amazing how far it came from Update #1 and Update #2.

According to my Uncle Ahamad who lives with me, the house was made from one Cedar tree, with each piece of wood cut by a two-man saw. Now that's a lot of work! Plus one very large tree.

Another uncle came over today, my Uncle Nazir. While I worked on this piece, all 3 men reminisced and shared their funny stories from the old days.Uncle Nazir apparently stayed in the 3rd room with the closed windows. Before my dad was around, every Christmas holiday that Uncle Nazir visited, he was given the task to clean the copper tank, because he was the smallest and could climb into it.

I am really glad that my painting could remind them of fond memories.

Photograph of my watercolour painting of the old house my father lived in
Update #3: Filled in the vegetation.
What do you guys think about it so far? Also should I do any pen & ink detailing on it?

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Edit: This piece has now been completed! Click this post for the finished product- My Father's House Update #4 Completed
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