Thursday, 23 August 2012

One-A-Day Sketches, Flower People & other People Inspired Collections

In the May-August Vacation 2010, I first started experimenting with Corel Painter on my new laptop. I did one flower drawing for a friend and after that I started getting requests daily from the rest of my friends for their own flower or drawing. The aim for that holiday was to complete one drawing per person for each day of the vacation. Hence the term, "One-A-Day Sketch." 

For each drawing, the flower was that of the recipient's birth month, and what their flower meant about them and to me. The idea eventually evolved by the time I reached my 3rd flower drawing, to "flower people", i.e. people personified as flowers. Most of my University family received one, but due to time constraints, the rest remained as sketches on my computer or ideas in my head.

© 2011 Shazanna Khan, Best Gfs
In keeping with the flower theme, I came up with a 2nd collection of fairy/nymph creatures which one of the Drawings I did for me was based on. Most of my flower drawings were of male people, so I thought that it was only fitting that the females be fairies or nymphs as females are supposed to be generally more nurturing creatures.

My 3rd collection was based on Greek mythology and was done for my group of friends from high school. Their drawings were based on the Muses. They were the nine Goddesses who inspired the great Arts, with each muse having thought to have influenced a different art form. I thought it fit perfectly with them, because like the Muses and their different art forms, we are completely different people with unique likes and dislikes but somehow we always are connected and will be great friends.

I shall put up a new Tab at the top of my page for easy access to all my People Inspired Digital Art Collections that I will be uploading in the future, of new and old sketches. Keep on checking back for more updates! You never know when you may be featured ;)

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