Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Father's House (Update #4) COMPLETED

Status: Completed

My Father's House is finally finished! Here is a quick review of what it looked like when I first started it and the progress as it went along.

Update #1: Reference picture and first sketches <--Refer to this link for the inspiration for this piece
       Update # 2: Watercolours added                             Update #3: More watercolours and Ink pen details

I ran the finished piece by my dad and uncle and the "old house" got their seal of approval for authenticity. Here's a picture of the finished product!

My Father's House.Watercolour and Ink on watercolour paper, 16 x 20 inches. ©2012 Shazanna Khan.

 According to my dad, the bushes look a bit more overgrown than he remembers but perhaps we can pretend that my grandfather forgot to cut them.  All that's left to do with this piece is to make a print for my Dad's office and send them both to an Art store to be matted and framed. Maybe when I write my book of the Chronicles of Ahamad Khan, I will include it.

I am so glad that I finally have some new artwork! Not only to hang around the house but for next year, when the Art Society of Mt Hope hosts its annual Art exhibition.

Let me know what you think of the finished piece and thank you for reading.

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