Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Notebooks (Things I love #1) & New Sketch

I am a notebook addict!

A few from my collection
I absolutely adore notebooks. I love those hardcover notebooks with their gloriously thick pages. I love those with their fancy art-inspired covers. I even love those with their sleek modern black covers and soft drawing paper inside. I love how they help keep you organised, and they are so excellent when planning things. Also the pocket-sized ones are so fantastic to keep track of those little tidbits of knowledge that you need to remember at the hospital because you can't log around your textbook. (Dare I mention that I am also a big fan of stationery?)

I always purchase them with the intention of practising my writing, making lists or starting my sketchbook. However outside of their most practical functions (school and planning), I rarely use them, especially the gorgeous ones. I always think that I am going to use them when I am at the store, but when I carry them home, it boils down to me thinking that they are too pretty for my uses and that I would would spoil them.  

 New Sketch in my Moleskine Notebook
At the beginning of the week, I decided to start using my almost-new Moleskine Sketchbook. I excitedly purchased it a few years ago and never used it, but I have made up my mind to turn a new leaf. I have come to the conclusion that Sketchbooks are not about having the most perfect sketches in them, but having something to help you improve on your art and to see how far your work has progressed. Also, my new motto is no more notebook purchases until I start using what I have, so I need to get moving on finding uses for them

In this sketch, I experimented with Charcoal from my Cretacolor Sketching Set. It has certainly been a long time since I've used it.

Apparently there are other cool ways to use your own Moleskine notebooks to get the most out of them. The folks over at Freelance Switch have an awesome article about all the the tips and tricks to use them.
Click here to read more ---> The Monster Collection of Moleskine Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Are you a notebook addict like me? Please tell me there are others out there! :D If you are, how do you use your favourite notebook? Let me know in the comments below.

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