Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Status: Work-in-Progress

A few years ago, as a means to keep myself occupied over a long vacation, I started doing a "One-A-Day" Sketch series. More about that later on but the basic idea was to come up with a sketch/drawing for a person that represented said person, without necessarily drawing a full-on portrait. Also it had to have a little humor in it because I wanted my quirky drawings to be able to cheer them up on a bad day and remind them that they were special people in my life. I ended up doing a few for some of the special and interesting people in my life. Though many of the other special people in my life did not get any unfortunately. I am blessed with a lot of you so don't worry! It shall be fixed one day :D

Anyway, I wanted to do a sketch for my friend who I shall dub, "Eddoes" for this post. Eddoes is one of the coolest people I know. Why? He's down-to-earth, different thinker, open-minded, a loyal friend, a big Juve fan, good footballer, has a cool ras and generally one of the nicest people I know.

Much respect to the Rastaman!

I wanted to do a Rasta footballer for his sketch/drawing. I thought a Rastaman doing a bicycle kick would be fantastic.

The following are some of the reference images I looked at when I was brainstorming this sketch.

Ref Image #1: Rastaman by Summerset.

Fun Fact: Did you know that there are rarely any drawings of a Rasta without some form of weed incorporated in it?  
(I challenge you to find one and without the Red, Yellow and Green)

The male form is a bit troublesome for me especially one doing a bicycle kick, but I do love drawing the human form in motion. Looked at quite a few pictures of the football legends. Wikipedia also had this great sketch showing the different phases of the bicycle kick. I definitely would like to try something like that out in the future on a different drawing.

Drawing of the several phases of a bicycle kick

My attempt at Eddoes' drawing:

Sketch #1: Juve Rastaman in motion after doing a bicycle kick

I was not a 100% happy with the concept for his drawing. I guess that's why I did not finish it. I felt it was a bit one-dimensional for such a multidimensional personality. Also I think that Ras is going to be one time-consuming draw!

Other crazy ideas
1. Eddoes eating eddoes: Cannibal or Herbivore? (He does love a good provision)
2. Rastaman smoking football. (His love of football is deep. I do think he and Ears can get high about that)
3. Rastaman @ the watering hole. (Always a common occurrence whenever we go hiking, and Eddoes is a hiker)

What do you guys think? Leave a comment. Let me hear what you think of my ideas/concepts or what you think I should be drawing for Eddoes instead.

As always, thank you for reading! :D

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