Tuesday, 2 April 2013

"Caring is Natural; Uncaring is Learnt"- Professor Vijay Naraynsingh

At orientation today for the start of my clinical years, this was something said by the Head of Clinical Surgical Sciences that resonated with me for many different reasons (which I am not going to expand into today)

The basis of it was that it is natural to care, and because of the field we are in, that was the reason why we chose it. Because we do care. Because we do want to help.

However, it is easy when we enter clinical years and are exposed to different things, to forget that. This may happen for many different reasons, among them being how we are treated as students and seeing how other health professionals treat each other and patients.

Whatever the reason, he advised us to try our hardest NOT learn how to not care.

Wise words from a very wise man. Posting here so that I remember.
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