Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Decorative Eggs

Ostrich @ the farm
Me feeding the birds :D
In 2008, my family and I went to the beautiful island of Curacao for a vacation. There, we took an amazing tour of an Ostrich farm. At the farm, they featured intricate wood carved statues and lovely Ostrich eggs that were used in very ingenious ways. 

My mom and I brought a plain egg home with the intention of one day painting it ourselves like the ones selling at the gift shop. We never did. We never really knew where to begin with the design I suppose.

Our Ostrich Egg in a tea cup

Then yesterday my neighbour came over and brought her gorgeous creations over.She got the idea from the Ukranian Easter Eggs, called Psyanka. After which she ordered her Ostrich Egg and dyes online and did the following.

My Neighbour's Ostrich Egg painted with egg dyes

Larger Ostrich Egg and 3 Goose Eggs

Goose Eggs

I was blown away by how beautiful they were. They were too amazing to not share! Maybe our Ostrich egg will be getting a facelift sometime soon
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