Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hand Painted Wooden Earrings & Pillow Box Packaging

I painted some earrings for my friend Cherisse. Cherisse has a cool fun style and after her trip to Haiti, she came back with hand crafted wooden earrings by a local artist. I was not amused :P I told her that if she wanted a piece of wood painted, that she could have checked me. We joked about me desiging a jewellry line for her to wear. I would make it, and she would promote it.

About a year later, I happened upon some plain wooden knob earrings at a steal of a price and bought 3 pairs of earrings with the intent to customise them somehow.

I decided to do an Island themed design for Cherisse based on my Barbados painting. Of course they have different patterns on them because Cherisse is cool like that and loves mismatched earrings.

Barbados/Island inspired hand painted earrings by Shazanna Khan :)
Eventually I would like to do a pair inspired by Van Gogh's "Starry Night" and "The Scream" by Edvard Munch.

I did these around Oct/ Nov 2012 so I am a bit late in posting, but only because I recently finished making the packaging for the earrings. (Yes! I am going all out. lol) I used natural materials like Hemp, recycled paper and wooden beads on some brownish scrapbook paper to give it an island feel. I also love the combo of navy blue and brown/cream. I highlighted some parts of the packaging with some gold acrylic paint to give a slight sheen and add some more interest to the brown packaging. Here's a look below:

Pillow Box Front & Front of Earring Card

Pillow Box Front & Back of Earring Card

Buttons are my new favourite decorating accessory! :D All in all I really enjoyed making these packaging that I have been doing lately. I'm thinking to mail out some to some friends abroad (and in T&T) if I have time to make some. lol So in the mean time, message me your mailing addresses (at  if you would like to own your very own SK Creation. I'm not making promises, but you never know ;) You may get something in your mailbox one day.

EDIT: I finally remembered the name for these boxes. They are called Pillow Boxes.

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