Friday, 11 January 2013

Mt Hope Sketches #2

Some of you may recall my previous Mt Hope sketches post, where I posted one of my sketches of Mt Hope and my progress as I turned it into a painting. I did do a few more other sketches and this year I started work on another one of those sketches.

Photograph and Sketch of Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC), Mt Hope
Reference Image and preliminary sketch

Watercolour painting of Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (WIP)
Current WIP!

The challenges with these pieces for me was mixing the right colours. The paint colours of Mt Hope....leave much to be desired (lol) I am not even sure what you would call some of the shades that you can see in the reference image.

I am not totally pleased with my progress in the above piece. Hopefully as I continue to work on it, things will improve!


You can look at the following post to see more photos of the EWMSC by clicking HERE

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