Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New WIP progress- Lilies

I got some beautiful lilies for Christmas and could not help myself. Still a WIP. It was such a treasure to see all the buds gradually open every day and to go to bed at night with the scent of lilies :) They unfortunately perished this week but I took enough photos to finish it out. 

Here's a look at some photos of my prelim work.

I started working on this on Boxing Day and then again one day in the new year.

I am working on a few other pieces simultaneously so this seemed to have taken a back seat. I have also restarted my "one sketch a day project" for my art journal. I am trying to squeeze as much as I can into my holidays and oh its alot! But so much fun to try! I've decided to set goals though. This and the rest of paintings that I have been working on must be done by Sunday. Let's hope that my deadlines keep me in check!
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