Thursday, 31 January 2013

House of Jaipur Finds and other Crafty Supplies

The gorgeous wrapping paper from House of Jaipur
Last week I visited the House of Jaipur. It was my first visit to this Tea House and I was blown away! The food was delicious but the deco was definitely a winner in my books. I had their lunch with a special someone and I felt as if I were transported to another world. Adjoining the little eating nooks were rooms filled with even more beautiful finds.

Of course you could purchase any of the items seen while you dined. Vivid hanging cloths, oriental pillows and throws, ornate boxes and jewels, notebooks and gift bags! I love browsing places like that. My only regret was that I forgot my camera at home as the visit was spontaneous.

Anyway the point of this was that I found the most gorgeous "gift- wrapping" paper there. I'm using quotations because that is what they referred to these sheets of paper BUT I think they must have some other "better" purpose. They are too beautiful to be ripped apart when opening gifts!

Tea Strainer
I did see however notebooks, envelopes and gift bags covered in the same, if not similar paper. I thought that was a nice use. Very classy.

From my last post you saw that I made some wrappers for Tea bags. House of Jaipur was one of the recommended places from my tea-drinking friends to pick up some delicious gourmet tea. They sell them loosely however. So I either would have to make my own Tea bags from Coffee filters (because I can't think of anywhere that would sell the cloth tea bags individually in T&T, which could have led to custom heart shaped tea bags) or I could have scratched the entire tea/envelope operation and simply purchased a Tea Strainer or a Tea Ball.

Tea Ball
For some reason, I forgot about those things, even when I do have about 3 "Tea Balls" in my house.

At home we use them around Eid to put cloves and cinnamon in when making our Sawine, to add flavour and keep the cloves out of out bowls when we're ready to eat. Nothing is worse than biting a clove accidentally!

So now I have been educated. lol Those metal things are really for tea! and I can now buy loose tea leaves because I know how to use them. lol

In other news, I had a shopping trip to West Mall and I found my next craft project for Valentine's Day. This big glass jar! I found at a home-goods store while I was looking for coloured cupcake liners.

I'm not going to say what I'm using it for, just in case my Valentine reads this, but those mini-envelopes look like they may have found a home :D I can't wait to fill it up!

My shopping trip also yielded some new patterned paper and tissue paper. Turns out I bought some of the same patterned paper last year for Valentine's Day and only used a tiny portion of it AND I almost bought some kite paper in a fancy design that I had in an unopened pack already! I forgot they existed because they were stored at the bottom of a bag.

My sorted paper pile!

In light of this, I have decided that it is about time that I sort through all my materials and clean up and repack my Arts and Crafts cupboard. I probably haven't touched some of the things in there since I put them in in High School and it is rather dusty! I certainly have the time now and once I start my clinical years, it is rather doubtful that I would be using my supplies with the same frequency as I am now.

Cheers to new projects and a cleaner workspace!

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