Monday, 21 January 2013

What have I been up too?

Well my goals for finishing my other pieces have been thrown out of the window!

 My Mom is a Biology/Agri Science Teacher so I have been busy helping her with one of her projects. Thankfully, she happens to need drawings and diagrams which I have been happy to do as well.

Forgive the obnoxiously large copyright! But as the project is under wraps still, I don't want my images being used without my permission. Isn't there a way to remove the right click option from my images on the blog?

I did all the drawings by hand and added colour and ink with watercolours. Then I scanned, and touched them up a bit on my laptop. Now I'm wondering, if it would have been easier to have done them all on my laptop? Hmmmmm....... I like the outcome though when I draw them by hand :)

So this is one topic done.... but I've heard talks of me doing 5 more topics for her! :O 
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