Monday, 4 March 2013

Lifescouts: French Language Badge

Lifescouts: French Language Badge
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My Story:

Most high school’s in T&T teach one foreign language, Spanish. A few others, like St. Stephen’s College, Presentation College, and Naparima Girls High School offered 2 languages, French and Spanish.

I’m not sure how other schools taught them, but I learnt from Form 1 Spanish and French until Form 3. 3 years of French. I remember being taught by this magnificent Polish woman who spoke in addition to her native language, Spanish, French, Portuguese and English.

At the end of Form 3, when choosing subjects for O’levels, my school made it mandatory that we study at least one foreign language. I chose Spanish because it came more natural to me having been exposed to the language earlier in my life and having an older brother who studied it as well. It seemed to have been a wiser choice, given T&T’s proximity to Venezuela.

However in subsequent years I found myself travelling to French- speaking islands more and communicating with a cousin who married a Frenchie and now lived in Paris. My background in French certainly came in handy

One day I hope to do a refresher course and visit the Louvre  In my dreams, I would live in France for a few months and soak up the culture and art. The goal would be to one day speak like a native and hopefully not butcher the beautiful language.

Should I be saying I accomplished this badge? Well I am currently not fluent in it, but I did do it once upon a time and know enough to get by. :D I am checking this Lifescouts one as done.

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