Sunday, 24 March 2013

Supplies Reorganisation: Pill Box

T-9 days before I head back to school. I am in the process of reorganising my craft supplies to be packed away as school is going to be taking preference and cleaning out my apartment.

Here is one inexpensive reorganisation tip for all your small trinkets: Pill Boxes.

I have tons of small objects from my various crafting projects: buttons, jewellery clasps, beady eyes, rhinestones, beads, etc. Storage can sometimes be a problem because I could never find them all at the same time which is an issue because I forget what I have and then buy more supplies.

The Solution? Cheap Pill Boxes. I picked up mine for under $10TT at Pennywise.

Just open them up and fill them with your goodies.

The great thing about these is that they are kinda transparent so you can see what you have stored inside, and each column pops right out so you can take out just what you need.

Do you have easy craft organisation solutions? Let me know below.

Thank you for reading  and cheers to cleaner work spaces!

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