Monday, 25 March 2013

Supplies Reorganisation (Apartment Decoration) : Chocolate Container

One year my friend Jonny bought a plastic container filled with chocolates for all of our friends at school for Valentine's Day. 

It was packaged something like the pic on the right. All I remember was that it was very delicious and I loved the bottle/jar that the chocolate came in.

So I stole it from him when it was done. It would have gone in the trash otherwise! (and that would have been horrible! :O )

I thought I would find something cool to do with it instantly but a year later it still remained on the top of my bookshelf collecting dust. (I may have forgotten about it)

Then one day before I started a new semester, it came to me. I was cleaning out my apartment and sorting all my supplies. I was having trouble keeping all my colour pencils, markers and highlighters in order and I just knew I finally found a use for the jar.

As you can see below, here is the jar. I decided to spruce it up a bit by tying a bow with some pretty cloth ribbon that was attached to a floral arrangement I got for my birthday. (Recycling Ftw!)

The rest is simple. 

I used rubber bands to organise all my tools, so that they would be easy to retrieve and look ordered in the clear container.

The next step was to fill up the jar :) I found all my implements stood up nice and straight in the jar with the rubber bands. Especially since I was not filling the jar to capacity right away.

Also if you look carefully there is a little raised bump in the middle. It helped me organise all the stuff in a nice circle and put shorter drawing implements in the middle for a little height. It also of course meant I had to make smaller bundles of instruments. For instance, as seen below, my pack of 12 colour pencils had to be split into smaller bundles of 6.

All filled up!

Here's a look at the final product!

 Here is it in its natural habitat, i.e. on my desk.

I really loved this craft solution, because it was simple and easy to do. It was an innovative solution to my disorganised drawing implements. I just adore jars shaped like that one for aesthetics. Plus its practical, and it is so much easier now to find what I want when I want it. Yay for cute and practical :D

If I had another, I must say I definitely would use it as a memory jar. What would you use yours for?

Also, do you have any easy but cute storage solutions for apartment living? Let me know in the comments below.

As always thank you for visiting my blog. I hope that you continue reading :)

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