Sunday, 3 March 2013

What is "Lifescouts"? My Badges

A cool project I saw where you "collect" badges of various life events and you share them and your story by reblogging on Tumblr. The folks at Lifescouts add new badges regularly so you have new stories to share and things to accomplish with friends. If you would like to start collecting your own, head on over to

The idea fascinates me because I always wanted to try one of those bucket-list type things (or make my own) and it seems a great way to accomplish new things. What I like is that the various badges are like guides. You have the flexibility to decide what it means to accomplish a badge. I also like it because it gives you the opportunity to connect with friends, get to know them better and hear their stories, or challenge yourself to make new memories of your own.
Apparently each month the creators also pick a theme and create new badges surrounding that theme. They change their logo accordingly. Like Google doodles lol and you know how much I love Google doodles. :)

So now you know what you are seeing when I do a post about it.

I am going to update the post below with all my "badges" and add links to the stories as I publish them. However if you would like to read all my stories published thus far, click the following link: The Island by Shaz's Lifescout Stories.



March is Nerd Month

Lifescouts: Chess Badge
Chess Badge
Lifescouts: Video Games Badge
Video Games Badge
Lifescouts: Rubiks Cube Solving Badge
Rubiks Cube Solving Badge

February is Animal Month

Zoo Badge
Horse Riding Badge
Snake- Holding Badge
Safari Badge
Pet-Owning Badge
Rainforest Badge
Cow-Milking Badge
Horse-Drawn Cart Badge

January Badges

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