Friday, 8 March 2013

Lifescouts: Rubiks Cube Solving Badge

Lifescouts: Rubiks Cube Solving Badge
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My Story:

Done! I was first introduced to this by my Dad’s eldest brother when he first came to live with us. He was a retiree from the states and brought all his trinkets. He even had a weathered book on how to solve it. His rubiks cube is over 25yrs old and still works! I should know. It’s currently in my university apartment.

My fav was a rubiks cube key chain I got from Trinidad and Tobago Mathematics Olympiad ( I was a geek) for their prize giving/ award programme. At the time when I got it, my bro was fascinated by it, so I gave it to him. It somehow made its way back into my possessions :D

Last story: I bought one at the beginning of the year for my boyfriend. He was a pro and his fell apart after constant use. I remember giving it to him and trying to have a conversation with him after. It was impossible. Boys and their toys.

I have slowly come to realise that I have bought all the boys I ever liked a rubix cube. :-| I guess I do have a “type”. LOL

Have you ever solved a Rubiks Cube? Let me know below.

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